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Dying of Sadness: Gender, Sexual Violence and the HIV Epidemic

This document stresses that the gendered nature of sexual violence must be considered in long term HIV/AIDS prevention strategies.
dying of sadness.pdf dying of sadness.pdf 78.29 KB

This preliminary overview of available literature suggests that, within the context of gender and the HIV epidemic, sexual violence is a complex phenomenon with multiple determinants, consequences and manifestations.

In the short-term, effective responses require clearly defined strategies which are locally relevant and sensitive, which provide support services for victims, including recourse to justice and the punishment of perpetrators.

Longer-term strategies need to be based upon consideration of both the specifically gendered and sexualised nature of this violence and the need to address these at the level of community and culture rather than of individual perpetrators and victims. Much may be learned from the accumulated experience of activism in relation to gender and sexuality politics and human rights, humanitarian relief and social and economic development. [author]

Website (URL): http://www.undp.org/seped/publications/dyingofsadness.pdf

Author(s): Peter Grodon and Kate Crehan

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