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ID: 46705

Capacity building for local NGOs: A guidance manual for good practice

A comprehensive manual for local non-governmental organizations that can be used for training and development or by local NGOs as a self-help manual
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Each chapter is available to download separately:

  0 Intro & contents 
  1 The basics 
  2 Organisational governance 
  3 Strategic planning
  4 Managing finances  
  5 Managing people
  6 Managing projects 
  7 Office administration 
  8 Publicity and fundraising 
  9 Further reading and resources

On January 1st 2006 CIIR changed its name to Progressio.  To learn more about this organization, click here to visit their website.

Website (URL): http://www.progressio.org.uk/

Author(s): Progressio before CIIR - ICD


  • Document
  • Document 0 Introduction and Contents
  • Document 1. The basics
  • Document 2. Organisational governance
  • Document 3. Strategic planning
  • Document 4. Managing finances
  • Document 5. Managing people
  • Document 6. Managing Projects
  • Document 7. Office administration
  • Document 8. Publicity and fundraising
  • Document 9. Further reading and resources

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