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Facilitation Techniques


Welcome to the Facilitation folder of the Impact Alliance Resource Center. Organizational and/or community development inevitably requires facilitating for change. Facilitators often lead groups in reaching agreements through constructive dialogue. They help build a vision and develop plans that motivate a team, organization, or community to achieve their goals. Effective process facilitation can benefit any meeting, and can assist with decision-making, strategic planning and hundreds of other organizational needs.

Leaders and managers need the knowledge and tools to facilitate active participation in group settings. These skills provide a foundation upon which organizations and communities can implement and sustain innovation and improve team performance.

The resources in this folder offer guides for how leaders can improve their existing skills and learn new methods to facilitate community meetings, lead trainings, and oversee workshops for NGOs or CBOs.


  • Institution
  • Institution IAF IAF logo.gif
  • Book
  • Book Training Trainers for Development
  • Document
  • Document 100 Ways to Energise Groups: Games to use in workshops, meetings and the ...
  • Document A Facilitator's Guide to Participatory Workshops with NGOs/CBOs Responding ...
  • Document Advocacy Tools and Guidelines: Promoting Policy Change
  • Document Institutional Development: Learning by Doing and Sharing
  • Document Magic of the Facilitator
  • Document Mailing List Facilitation (from iTrain)
  • Document Online communities facilitation
  • Document Tips for Team Facilitators
  • Website
  • Website Facilitation Quarterly
  • Website Facilitation workshops by Howard Rheingold & Associates
  • Website Full Circle & Associates
  • Website The Facilitation Factory
  • Best Practice
  • Best Practice Forum on Human and Institutional Development

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