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Community Radio for Development

A report on a id21 email discussion
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ID21 06  CommyRadio.pdf ID21 06 CommyRadio.pdf 576.39 KB

From 23 January to 17 February 2006, id21’s email discussion, Community Radio for Development, was an opportunity for community media practitioners and activists from around the world to share their experiences and views on the role of community radio in development processes.


Over 450 people subscribed to the discussion and 118 people with experience in over 40 countries contributed their views.  Discussions focused on the issues covered in id21 insights #58: ‘Voices for change: tuning in to community radio’.


The first three weeks focused on a different topic led by a different moderator.

1.      An enabling environment (Steve Buckley, World Association of Community Broadcasters)

2.      Achieving sustainability (Alfonso Gumucio Dagron, Communication for Social Change)

3.      Assessing the social impact of community radio (Birgitte Jallov, Independent Consultant)


The fourth week was left open for participants to raise any outstanding issues.


This report summarises the discussion and highlights key recommendations put forward by participants for developing the community radio agenda.  More complete summaries and the complete report are also available online.


id21 communicates the latest UK-sourced international development research to policymakers & practitioners worldwide and is one of the family of knowledge services hosted by the Institute of Development Studies.

Website (URL): http://www.id21.org

Author(s): id21

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