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ID: 48581

Fundación Pro Vivienda Social wins the "Best Practices in Microfinance" Award

granted by Fondazione Giordanno dell; Amore at the annual European Microfinance Network conferene in Milan, Italy.
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Fundación Pro Vivienda Social y Nota en Periódico La Nación
2009-09-16 1:00

Picture 4.jpg La Fundación Pro Vivienda Social announces that it has been proclaimed
the winner of the worldwide “Best Practices in Microfinance” award
granted by Fondazione Giordanno dell' Amore at the annual European
Microfinance Network conference in Milan, Italy. The selection
criteria were based on three key issues: innovation, sustainability,
and impact. The award consisted of 50,000 Euros which Fundación Pro
Vivienda Social will use to strengthen its programs in the lower
income neighborhoods of Greater Buenos Aires. These programs are based
on granting group microcredits for housing improvements, consecutive
modules for kitchen and bathroom modifications, and the construction
of infrastructure for basic services. Designed as an inclusive
business model in partnership with Ferrum, the programs are carried
out through the organization and self-management of the program
beneficiaries. At the same time, Fundación Pro Vivienda Social and
Universidad Torcuato di Tella have designed a tool to measure the
impact of social projects. To date, these programs have benefited
more than 11,500 low income families.
Article in “La Nacion” Newspaper

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Website (URL) http://www.lanacion.com.ar/nota.asp?nota_id=1120230

Author(s) Fundación Pro Vivienda Social

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